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Today I was joined by Tabitha Turton from GoDaddy (and also formerly SkyVerge) to share a bit about the exclusive, native features that we've been able to add to GoDaddy's Managed WooCommerce hosting.
In 2022, face-to-face events will begin to happen again. In the WordPress world, two have already been announced: WordCamp Birmingham in Birmingham, AL (#WPYALL) and WordCamp Europe in Porto, Portugal (#WCEU).
TJ and I started HeadingTwo because we're just a couple of guys who love the web, WordPress, being creative, and sharing our experiences with the community.
Today, GoDaddy acquired Pagely. Before we get there, though, I want to share briefly about GoDaddy acquiring the company I worked for in October 2020, SkyVerge.
We're a week and a half into this site being live (for the second time, anyway) and we haven't even discussed our target audience! It's like we're throwing all our marketing skills out the window. Don't worry, we've got you covered.
In about three weeks, the largest shopping weekend of the year will be upon us. The reality is, merchants have already started promoting their sales and customers have already started shopping. However, it's not too late to get in the game—but you have to start now!
A couple of weeks ago, the folks over at WP Sessions put on the annual WooCommerce event, WooSesh. I had the esteemed privilege of speaking at a session and a workshop during the week to talk Woo.
It's not often that I look back at work from a couple of years ago and am still happy with the design, etc. This HeadingTwo brand is one of the exceptions!
Last night, TJ and I met for a couple of hours to start talking about what we want HeadingTwo to become. To start, we'll produce blog content and a podcast!
At some point in the (hopefully near) future, I'd like this to be a regular HeadingTwo podcast episode—preferably weekly. Until then, we'll share a "top 5" of the WordPress plugins that caught our eye this week right here on the blog.
For this inaugural post, I quickly just want to talk about what WooCommerce is and, maybe more relevant to this blog, why I care about WooCommerce (and you should too!).