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Who is HeadingTwo for?

We’re a week and a half into this site being live (for the second time, anyway) and we haven’t even discussed our target audience! It’s like we’re throwing all our marketing skills out the window. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re reading this blog, HeadingTwo is probably for you. I’m not sure how you would have ended up here if you’re not in our target audience, so it’s probably safe to assume that you’re at least a web designer or developer. I’d say you probably also are interested in WordPress. Maybe. Probably. But we can narrow this down a bit more accurately.

There really are two distinct answers to the question of who this site is for:

1. Professional Web Designers and Developers

You know, the folks that build the sites and pages on the internet for others – ideally for money. There’s certainly room here for those of you who build sites for yourselves, but the bulk of what we’ll share will be for side hustlers, freelancers, and digital agencies.

Here’s a simple checklist to see if you can relate:

  • I need to design and develop sites for clients
  • I need to build a site using WordPress
  • I need to start an online store using WooCommerce
  • I need to collect content from my clients
  • I need to write proposals and get them approved
  • I need to collect payment from my clients for work completed
  • I need to manage my clients’ sites easily

If you answered “yes” to any of these, you’re in the right place! These are just a small set of the topics we’ll tackle going forward and we want you to join us!

2. Ourselves

As much as we want this content to resonate with you, the pro WordPress designer/developer, it’s also very much for us, too. HeadingTwo gives TJ and me a place to get out the thoughts that are in our heads and share them with the community. It gives us a place to express how we feel about certain aspects of design and development in a way that (hopefully) helps or even inspires you.

In addition to providing a record of questions we can reference later, the hope is that this place becomes a resource that you can come back to for answers. “How to” answers and “am I alone in feeling this way” answers. We’re just getting started with what that looks like in practice, but this is the intent for HeadingTwo in the future.

Have questions about this article or any others we’ve written? Let us know on Twitter @headingtwo!
Today I was joined by Tabitha Turton from GoDaddy (and also formerly SkyVerge) to share a bit about the exclusive, native features that we've been able to add to GoDaddy's Managed WooCommerce hosting.