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WooWednesday: Managed WooCommerce

So, HeadingTwo isn’t directly meant to drive traffic or sales for my or TJ’s employers. That said, today I was joined by Tabitha Turton from GoDaddy (and also formerly SkyVerge) to share a bit about the exclusive, native features that we’ve been able to add to GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Ecommerce hosting.

Many of these features are an inclusion of former plugins that are now native to the platform, but a few of them are entirely new. If you’d like to watch the meetup live, you can register here.

Once the event has ended, we’ll upload a replay to the GoDaddy Pro YouTube channel and I’ll make an effort to come back to update this blog article with that video 🙂

UPDATE: The video replay can now be watched here:

Happy Wednesday!

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We have a pretty dang nice brand and it lends itself well to be printed on some nice shirts, mugs, etc.
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