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The new H2 swag shop is here!

Look, we’re probably getting ahead of ourselves here adding some swag goodness to the site. After all, we’ve only recorded 5 podcast episodes and written a couple of dozen blog articles. I say, who cares?! We have a pretty dang nice brand and it lends itself well to be printed on some nice shirts, mugs, etc.

Check it out now or read on 🙂

A screenshot of the new swag store page.

Under the hood

It will come as no surprise, I hope, that the swag shop is powered by WooCommerce. This allows us to continue to share some of the ways that we use WooCommerce ourselves when we record podcast episodes about the WordPress commerce platform in the near future. We have a few running now, but it will make the creation of demos much easier to just show you what’s happening right here!

In addition to WooCommerce, the store is powered by Printful‘s on-demand printing. With this style of one-off production, everything is made to order, creating less waste than conventional manufacturing and doesn’t require warehousing space.

Though we love Printful, not all of the products they print are perfectly spot-on. We’ve carefully selected the items that we’ve purchased before and have been really happy with. We don’t want to sell you anything we wouldn’t use or wear!

More to come soon, but for now we’ve got three really soft, super comfortable unisex t-shirts up that I think will be some of our top sellers!

Go take a look now →

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