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Today I was joined by Tabitha Turton from GoDaddy (and also formerly SkyVerge) to share a bit about the exclusive, native features that we've been able to add to GoDaddy's Managed WooCommerce hosting.
We have a pretty dang nice brand and it lends itself well to be printed on some nice shirts, mugs, etc.
For this one, I wanted to simply share a few end-of-the-year tips for businesses running WooCommerce (or any e-commerce) stores. Hopefully, these five tips will help you start next year off fresh and ready to take on the world!
Each year - usually at the end of WordCamp US - we are presented with the State of the Word, a presentation of where WordPress stands and what to look forward to in the future. This year, it did not happen at the end of WordCamp US (virtual), so it has been scheduled for today, December 14th.
If you read my post from November 13th, I was quite excited by the idea of getting an article written each and every day of November. I made it about 18 days.
We all wish that we could add a bit of extra time to our days. Not to do more work or more chores, but to finally get to the things we want to do, the fun things.
This article will (hopefully) serve as a piece we look back on and say "Wow, we had no idea what we were doing when we first started."