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Create a custom query loop display with Elementor

One of the most common tasks you’ll need to accomplish when building a website is the ability to display a listing of post content items. In most cases, you’ll write a query loop or use one that’s built into your favorite page builder. We’re big fans of Elementor around here, but customizing the display of your “posts” widget can be a challenge.

At least, it used to be. Thanks to Elementor Custom Skin, you can make your post loop look almost any way you’d like!

I started to write out a long tutorial for this one with lots of screenshots and, well, that was getting pretty tedious. If that’s your thing, please let us know and we can certainly do some of that as well! For now, though, enjoy the video tutorial…

Here are the plugins mentioned in the video. They’re all free – including Elementor – though you’ll need Elementor Pro to use the “dynamic fields” feature.

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