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What’s in a name?

TJ and I brainstormed a bunch of names for this… well, let’s call it a side project… back in November 2018—almost exactly 3 years ago! Our goal was to figure out a plan for the brand and launch at the beginning of 2019. Spoiler: we did it, but it didn’t last long for reasons we may discuss later.

I don’t even remember what some of the other ideas were now, but I remember we were both drawn to HeadingTwo for several reasons. First and foremost, it’s one of the original HTML elements—a building block of the web. Of course, we could have gone with the top dog – the H1 – but there are two of us so we leaned in that direction.

The other main reason we were both drawn to HeadingTwo is the potential wordplay. We’re both suckers for a good pun and clever word usage, so having the ability to have a (yet to exist) URL like “headingtwo.com/wordcamp” (as in “heading to WordCamp”) was too good to pass up.

Oh yea, and the domain/social accounts were available. That’s always important, too! 😉

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