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What kinds of sites can I create with WordPress?

We’re back on track this week and take a step back to talk about what kinds of sites you would choose to build with WordPress. But first, we chat about the Super Bowl, check in on the WordPress Photo Directory, and harbor a collective jealousy for TJ’s upcoming trip to Brazil!

Although not an exhaustive list, we fill the meat of the show with several different types of WordPress and WooCommerce sites, citing a few examples and why you might be interested in building that type of site. We cover things like brochureware sites, online stores, communities, and membership systems.

To close the episode, we predict the upcoming week to the best of our abilities and encourage everyone to back up your sites frequently! Join us by sharing a time you didn’t have a backup of a site that was broken on Twitter @headingtwo!


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S01 x E11 • February 21, 2022