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Holiday gifts for web creatives

This week, we chat about some of the things we think would make great gifts for web designers and web developers. We don’t mention any specific brands or models (for the most part), but focus on the types of gifts we know web creatives appreciate.

Unintentionally, we also talk a bit about mental and physical health—as some of the gift recommendations focus on these topics.

Whether it’s the holiday season when you listen to this or not, we know that these gifts will make any web designer or developer happy to receive them!

Show Notes

Here is a list of the types of gifts we mention in this episode:

  • webcam
  • microphone
  • headphones
  • office or gaming chair
  • sit and stand desk
  • under desk pedal exerciser
  • standing desk mat
  • laptop stand
  • phone/watch/headphone charger stand
  • cable organizers
  • subscriptions to online courses
  • subscription or credits to stock resources
  • books, specifically career or business books
  • gift cards or licenses for software
  • monthly coffee/tea subscription
  • aroma diffuser
  • subscription to prepared meal program
  • personal, nerdy items
  • Lego and craft kits
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S01 x E05 • December 13, 2021