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Agency website project process, from lead to launch

TJ is back this week and joins Marcus to talk about the agency process of a typical website, from lead to launch. But first, we chat a bit about our holiday break and our aspirations for the new year—including journaling and going water-only!

Then, TJ shares the steps that his agency, Progressive Dental Marketing, uses to generate leads, onboard new clients, make design decisions, and ultimately launch a new website for their clients.

To finish things off, Marcus and TJ talk about what their upcoming respective weeks look like and challenge each other to produce more content for the HeadingTwo site and YouTube channel.


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Progressive Dental: https://www.progressivedentalmarketing.com/
GoDaddy Events: https://events.godaddy.com/
New Year Coffee Hour panel event: https://bit.ly/gdpro-new-year-coffee-hour
Do the Woo podcast: https://dothewoo.io/series/woocommerce/
Marcus’s “5 Daily Habits” blog post: https://mburnette.com/blog/5-daily-habits-for-2022/

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S01 x E07 • January 17, 2022